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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Show off :)

Ok, I have been debating with myself about this Blog thing for quite awhile now... Do I really have anything to say that people want to read on the net? I'm still not sure...

But it seems like everyone in the world has a Blog nowadays and I don't want to stay behind... Yep, I'm the following kind a girl...

So I decided this morning: perhaps I don't have very interesting things to say (but who knows, it might happen), I do like to share my crafty works! Not just to show off (in case you got that idea from the title, ha!), but to share inspiration and techniques and ideas... the reasons I read other people's blogs in the first place!

For the people who don't know me: sorry, you won't find my life story in this post :) I just want to make a start with this Blog and we'll see where it goes! I do want to share however that I'm first and foremost a scrapper. An addict, you'd might say... but still my first picture is of a new passion of mine: jewelry making. I did a course a few weeks ago and a whole new world opened up to me! I love how quickly ideas come together for a necklace or bracelet and I love how friends and family react when you've made something especially with them in mind...

This particular necklace I made for my mom's friend Lieke's birthday. Every time I see her she wears something green, so that was an obvious choice :) Since I learned using eye pins, that has been my favorite technique to use in jewelry making, it is almost as addictive as scrapping! :) To this point I have done quite a few necklaces and bracelets with this technique and everytime I try to add one or two extra beads. I like to hang them on the back of my neck, but you can also use them more like a pendant, at the front. I think this one turned out quite nice... but let me know what you think!

Ok, so much for this post! More later! And thanks for reading!


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