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Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Weeks Round Up (50)

New Schtuff...
- scrapbook or otherwise? Nothing!

- Whatever the mailman brings, but nothing really...

- videopodcasts about cooking from Jamie Oliver, about singing lessons and from De Wereld Draait Door.
- Iron Man and Hancock on my iPod in bed (see the superhero theme here?)
- all the quizes my mom watches (but I do like De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld on belgian tv)

- podcasts from National Public Radio, but most of the time only halfway, because I fall asleep. (like this, this, this and this one)
- that annoying beeping sound my alarm clock makes, way too early each morning!

- dades with creamcheese (Monchou)
- oliebollen from the stall across the police station in Hoogvliet, one of the best ones each year
- Caramacs
- peanutbutter, sugar and cheese sandwiches (I know, I know...)
- white bread with a tick layer of Nutella

Grateful for...
- Marcel aka Boer and his wall building capacities
- Tracy and her wall papering capacities
- my until last weekend unknown wall papering capacities :)
- my health
- oma and what she does

- the thought of moving here sometime around Christmas

Still working on...
- lots of things... old home, new home, work, and so on and so on.
- finding enough time to rest, because my body tells me to!

(Will update on Sunday if necessary, but I don't expect many changes LOL)


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