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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

cool things: if only this was true...

I *heart* my iPod. (really, it's love...)

I get up with it. (and then give it a rest in its dock...)

I go to bed with it. (best sounds to fall asleep to aside from hearing Maurice - softly - snoring? ;) NPR's podcasts about books or movies or food)

I have been using mine each and every day (since I got last november)

I'd love to own an iH5 iPod dock alarm clock one day, so I can wake up with my own tunes (I really really really hate beeping noises and screaming dj's in the morning)...

Listening to the newest episodes from As The World Turns outside with the sun on your face is WAY better then watching 3 year old episodes, interupted by 3 commercial breaks that together as long as the episode itself. (it's kinda like an audio book... an audio 'Bouqet reeks' ;) You'll find the funniest things in Podcasts!)

I love have all my music in iTunes, making it so easy to find that one song that I want to hear and making some quite eclectic playlists... or being suprised by songs I forgot I had when I let iTunes shuffle-play the total library...

I know people think I'm weird for loving to iron (well, I don't dislike it anyway) and with my iPod on it's even better.

So if this would be real (and not another April Fools joke), it would SO be on my wishlist! (Although I'm not sure Maurice would appreciate my choice of ironing music ;))

On another note, people who I go to bars and clubs with know where I stuff my essentials when I'm wearing a pocket-less outfit. There is only so much that will fit into my boots and it'll hurt my feet when I dance. My motto: the bigger they are, the more you can stuff with them without anyone noticing. ;) If you did notice, please don't let me know. I'm really NOT taking a purse, I'm no "Annie, hou jij me tassie effe vast".

So if this bra was for real? Yep, on my wishlist too. ;) Funny, the jokers even thought about big-breasted women when they made the 'ad' for bust sizes A to F. But alas... another April Fools... *sigh* ;)

Off to check on Ten on Tuesday, with B.B. King on my speakers! :)


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