Think Pink

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cool Things: bikes!

I've been thinking about bikes lately... It has been ages since I had one... And I would really love to go to the market and grocery store on a bike on Saturdays, since parking your car before 5pm at the shopping centre parking lot is almost impossible...

I've been thinking about these...

I think this is the one that Martinette has... so that's not really an option ;)

I really like green lately (seems like I'm compensating for the first 30 years of my life in which I hated green...):

But I really, really, really like green with a bit of pink!

So if I had between 400 and 450 euro to spend... which I don't... these would be my choices...

It will probably end up being this one from the HEMA though (179 euro right now on sale), looking very Nancy-like as well!

I still want to check out Marktplaats for some other (even cheaper) options! And I'm still contemplating on an orange bike since my first bike without training wheels on which I properly learned to bicycle was orange too...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Funny Things: Sun Tan

I think you can exchange 'computer programming' for 'gamers'... yep, I really do think so! :)

Cool Things: The Making of 'Pirates'



Now that's some special fx job!
More here.

Cool things: If it didn't cost $329...

it would have been mine... all mine!
It's a Japanese Nancy-suitcase!