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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The one about what the elves said...

Quote from the Elves:
"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups:
candy, candy canes,
candy corns, and syrup"


Sunday, December 17, 2006

High Tea

Femke, her mother Lot, my mom and I went on a mother-daughter high tea (name so by ourselves) last Sunday at Het Wapen van Marion in Oostvoorne. A bit too much sweet things, not enough savoury, but still very good and quite a lot! Oh, and they kept filling that cute little but leaking teapot again and again and again... a big plus in my book!

Xmas decorations 2006

Finally we're done! Not sure if it's the lack of cold weather or just the blah's in general, but it took me awhile to get started this year.
When I came home after a lovely brunch at the home of my boss, the tree (it's a fake one...) was out of the box, standing in a corner of the living room. No more procrastinating for me, time to decorate! The best part of putting the tree up, don't you think? Maurice is the sweetest thing for doing the hard part of the job! Thanks, baby!

So here a view pics of what we have around the house at the moment. I didn't take everything out of the boxes, a little bit here and there goes a long way...

part 2

part 3

and yes, I've been messing around with the time stamp to get these in this order :)

Never mind this post...

don't have my notebook with me...
need a place write down my wishlist...

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