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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cool things: Who do YOU look like?

Ok, I actually don't know why I am sharing this...

Because it says I'm 43% like Reese Witherspoon?!
And more than 50% like.... I don't want to say it... 50cent... *sigh*
But it gets better: 53% Condoleeza Rice and 60% (!!) Beyoncé Knowles!
And I can live with 49% Martin Luther King as well...

I hadn't planned on sharing things about other people on this blog, but a certain young man is 67% like Walt Disney, but... 52% Matt LeBlanc!! And 54% like George Clooney!! Hey, I can live with that, baby! :) I think I need to update my favorite actors list now... :) (but the funniest thing on his list? Cuba Gooding Jr.) :)


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Lazytracy said...

Very Cool!
Exceptionally good for the ego too.. :)
I scored for 64% as beyonce knowles.. woohoo.... :) Mesa happy with this outcome..
And to make things better I scored 53% as Aung san Suu kyi. So if I can have the Beyonce's outer.. and Aung san's Inner, I'm doing pretty well! :)
I also scored pretty high as colin Farrel.. So can even glebber on me..
Dolly parton and Anastacia where on the list as well, wich might explain why I always think I've got a pretty good singing voice.. :)

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Can't you sing? I didn't know that, cause you only do it when the music is LOUD! But now I know why... ;)


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