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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ten on tuesday

10 favorite bands/singers...

Difficult one... Shouldn't these be 10 bands/singers from who you like each and every song? No matter what cd someone would pop in, it would always be good?

I don't have 10 bands/singers from who I love ALL their music! I like lots of music. I love lots of music. But from a lot of artists I only love 1 or 2 songs and like 3 or 4 and the rest is only so-so or even plain crap!

So this is my list of bands/singers from who I like most of their work... and love more than 2 songs :)
  1. Aretha Franklin
  2. Ray Charles
  3. Simply Red
  4. Harry Connick Jr.
  5. Crowded House
  6. Jack Johnson
  7. Corinne Bailey Rae
  8. B.B. King
  9. The Rolling Stones
  10. Krezip (hangs head in shame...)


At 1:38 PM, Blogger Lazytracy said...

I'll have to cheat on this one. Cause I can only think of 2 favorite singers.
And to be honest I'm finding it hard to think of the names of ten bands or singers in total.
So go easy on me:
1) Jason Donovan ( I'm sure I think more than 2 of his songs)
2) Jack Johnson (yep..I know 2 of his and like them)
3) Robbie williams (I'm not to keen on his music, but I like at least one of his songs and I've heard more than three of them)
4) Getting stuck here..hmm..., going for Katie Melua (or Katie aanmehoela as I've heard her being called)
5) The carpenters? On top of the world is pretty cool
6) Is it Tony christy that sings, is this the way to amarillo? Cause he's got to be on the list, or whoever sings it.
7)Harry belafonte (mamma look a booboo day.. cause dad could whistle to that.. or well maybe it wasn't a real whistle..but still)
8) Lee towers ( I can see clearly now.. cause so can I with my brillie!)
9) Jeez..another two to go. Hmm.. aha...Boyzone or Ronan Keating.. they've got heaps of songs I like, I feel I'm on a bit of a roll now.
10) counting crows ( like their name..and their hard candy cd is a real feel good vibe to it).

he he.. I did get to 10 after all, aren't you all proud of me? :)


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