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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things I Do Every Day

Fall asleep (first, because usually after midnight)
Wake up (always to early)
Check my emails
Check websites and blogs
Drink tea (lately Chai with milk and honey)
Think of something to scrapbook (and sometimes make it)
Read (a book or at least a magazine)
Eat something with way too much sugar (me and my sweet tooth...)
Phone and/or sms someone
Listen to my iPod

Next week: 10 Ways I Like to Relax


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Japie said...


Ten things to do every day....

1. Hug my cats (and feed them)
2. Kiss my boyfriend (and feed him too)
3. Read, read, read
4. Watch TV (yep, almost every day)
5. Drink lots of Koffie Verkeerd / cappucino
6. Make a puzzle, lately lots of Sudokus and Filipines
7. Use my phone
8. Ride my bike
9. Well, obviously eat, drink and sleep
10. Write and dream about a feature as a very famous writer ;)

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous japie said...


obviously i mean a "future" and not "feature"!

Well, what would that mean, unconsciously..........?


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