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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last Weeks Round Up

I did write other posts between this one and the last one, but Blogger ate them :(

New Schtuff...
- 5 layouts that Blogger doesn't want to post right now, so they're here and here.

- nothing really... starting on some new things, will post next week!

- Lucky Number Slevin (sneak preview, really enjoyed it, surprising twists!)
- Le Divorce (not bad enough to turn the dvd-player off, not good enough to recommend this to anyone. Fun to see differences between the Americans and the French, but this film lacks a story, logic and Kate Hudson with GOOD hair.)
- Kill Bill (just wanted to see this one again, a classic Tarantino movie. And I just like Uma...:))
- I, Robot (don't watch this right before going to bed. Not shockinly bad, not very good, but a pretty entertaining 115 minute Audi ad)
- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I unexpectedly totally got absorbed by the stories and almost couldn't stop crying near the end. Not a fun-fun movie, but I love how they've portraited the friendship between 4 very different girls who all have their own history... If you're going to watch this, don't forget your blankie, Kleenex, lots of tea and chocolate, you'll need them!)

- same old, same old :)
- and Claudia de Breij's weekly round up of her 3Fm radio show. Very funny!

- ah, time to tell about that fab 'little' easter buffet on Monday! Totally forgot to take pictures...
:( Dimitri, Mariska and Tracy came over and brought stuff too, so we had: red pesto and chicken quiche, mini 'tompoucen', sweet and savoury puffpastry tartlets, roasted ham, cheeses, salmon, salmon rolls, pommes dauphinoise, mini croissants and sesame buns, garlic mushrooms, lemon meringue pie, and probably more that I can't think of right now! It was WAY too much, but YUMMY!
- pasta bolognese
- vegetable soup

Grateful for...
- good music
- silence
- internet window shopping ;)

- life in general
- sunshine (wish there was more!)

Still working on...
- same old, same old, but things are looking up on more than one aspect!


At 6:32 PM, Blogger Lazytracy said...

Things are looking up on more than one aspect??? TELL TELL TELL!!


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