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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Last weeks Round Up

New Schtuff...
- 4 layouts (one I won't share online due to strong language...)

- Trying to work my way through the Narnia Chronicles in bed, but I keep falling asleep...

- Worlds Fastest Indian (with Anthony Hopkins. Surprisingly beautiful! Enjoyed it very much)
- Aeon Flux (bad copy, won't form an opinion until I see a working version)
- Hitch (can't help it, like Will Smith in this non-Prince-of-Bel-Air-or-Man-in-black-or-other-cool-action-movie-guy-role. Can't help thinking there as some truths to his dating advice as well.)
- King Kong (better than expected, gave me the creeps with all the creepy beasts!)
- Passion of the Christ (imho: way overrated. Not much of a story, way too much blood. Overly visial where it was definitely not needed. But kudos to RTL for broadcasting it without commercial interruptions, that must have been a first)

- Still to Corinne Bailey Rae
- and whatever the iTunes Partyshuffle option plays

- Wantan soup that was not the success I hoped it would be (but I *heart* wantans...)
- lamb shoarma... (not sure why but I don't seam to be allergic to the shoarma from this new place around the corner. Enjoying it!)
- lasagna (an old time favorite around here)
- tenderloin with white wine sauce and baked potatoes (another favorite around here)
- Uhm... our 'little' easter buffet on Monday will feature in next weeks round-up, I guess :)

Grateful for...
- good friends

- walking outside
- sunshine
- the creative vibes that are still going strong...

Need time to research...
- how to knit cables (grandma is going to teach me soon!)

Still working on...
- work
- website
- a wedding album
- world peace :)


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Lazytracy said...

You're still working on world peace?
I'm dissapointed in you!, Get a move on!! :)


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